Christopher Edwards
March the 11th, 2020

We are glad to be announcing that Christopher will be joining our team, please give him a warm welcome when you get the chance to meet him.

Jarred Birch
January the 21st, 2020

Please welcome Jarred to our team, he has joined us to assist with both new and ongoing projects that we have been awarded.

Diabetes Charity Fundraising
January the 2nd, 2020

Over the course of 2019 we have been collecting money for Diabetes UK, and we have managed to raise an astounding £695!

Diabetes UK are a charity working hard to ensure that all those that are diagnosed with diabetes can live normal lives without the worries of what it can do. We strongly support Diabetes UK due to how widespread diabetes is, so much so that everyone is likely to know someone who is a diabetic, so would urge others to support them too.

PLS Training
September the 10th, 2019

Once again our engineers have completed their PLS refresher courses to ensure that their knowledge of all PLS's products both old and new are kept up to date and learned about so that we can give you, our customer, the very best services.

Callum Ryzy
July the 22nd, 2019

Thanks to new business venture opportunities, we have brought on Callum on as a new starter. Should you have the pleasure to work alongside him then please give him a warm welcome!

Webasto Service Agents
May the 2nd, 2019

We are glad to announce that we are now authorised Webasto service agents, so for all your vehicle heating and air conditioning needs then give us a call and we'll be happy to help.

PONT Mbale Charity
February the 20th, 2019

We have managed to raise a grand total of £500 for PONT Mbale through fund raising in 2018, we hope that this will significantly assist PONT with their future in the region of Mbale.

Diabetes UK 2019!
January the 30th, 2019

We have jointly decided to support Diabetes UK as our charity of the year 2019.

With the increasing amount of people who develop diabetes, there is no better time to be supporting such a charity in making their lives easier.

New EMS Welsh Ambulances
November the 11th, 2018

As the new front line EMS vehicles are starting to go on the road for Welsh Ambulance, in honour of the 100 year anniversary of the armistice treaty being signed and in memory of the many who lost their lives in the war, the new vehicles will be going on the road with poppy decals on them.

Our thoughts go out to all of those who have lost friends and family, however it may of been. And as we move into the future we hope that as humans we learn to better care and love human life.

PONT Mbale Charity
October the 22nd, 2018

Throughout 2018 we've been raising money for the Partnerships Overseas Networking Trust Mbale charity, they are a collective of WAST staff that have been providing training and support for health workers in the Mbale region of Uganda over the past 10 years.

Before they went over there the region had no ambulance service at all and very few doctors available, but since then PONT have done amazing work and have trained over 1000 health workers, they have also provided 34 motorbike ambulances, 30 bicycle stretchers and 90 mountain rescue stretchers to be used to get ill patients where they need to be.

Needless to say that the work this charity has done is outstanding, and has vastly improved one of the poorest regions in the world.

New Welsh Ambulance Vehicle Build
October the 5th, 2018

As the new vehicles have started arriving for Welsh Ambulance, we are assisting their workshops and fleet departments with the install to get them out on the road and doing what they do best, saving people's lives!

Velindre Charity Fundraising
June the 11th, 2018

During the course of 2017 we have managed to raise a huge £1000 for Velindre Cancer Centre!

This money will go to supporting the patients and their families and give them hope for the future!

Eberspächer Hydronic Training
November the 16th, 2017

Furthering our knowledge on Eberspächer heaters, we have had half of our engineers go on their hydronic heater training course, with the other half planned to attend in the new year.

With this we will be able to assist fleets who have moved on to this style of heater in their vehicles.

Macmillan Coffee Morning
September the 29th, 2017

Once again we have had a coffee morning fundraiser to raise money for Macmillan to help with the prevention of cancer.

Between us we have managed to raise £148 for the charity!

BAUS AT Training
July the 19th, 2017

Continuing our venture into working with more bodybuilders we are attending a 3 day training course in Poland to become an authorised agent for BAUS AT.

VCS Training
June the 21st, 2017

Branching out to work with more bodybuilders we have now had training with VCS, Vehicle Conversion Specialists, and are now agents for them and can carry out repairs on their behalf.

Lillie Evans
June the 19th, 2017

To assist with our operations in the office we have now employed another member of staff, so if you get the chance to speak to her, please give a warm welcome to Lillie.

PLS Training
June the 6th, 2017

Keeping our engineers up to standard we have had them carry out refresher courses with PLS, as well as having 2 more of our employees trained up to assist with the demand in work.

Lee Davies
February the 7th, 2017

Adding to our cast of engineers we would like to welcome Lee into the fold, if you also get the chance to meet him please give him a warm welcome.

Ricon Agents
January the 27th, 2017

We would like to announce that we are now authorised service agents for Ricon having several of our engineers being trained to be able to carry out repairs on their entire range of products.

Charity Of The Year
January the 13th, 2017

As a team we have now decided on our charity of the year for 2017.

We are happy to announce the charity we will be supporting this year is the Velindre Cancer Centre!

Charity of 2017
December the 28th, 2016

Another year, another charity!

We are currently voting in house over which charity we are to raise money for this year and hope to update everyone shortly with our final decision

December the 23rd, 2016

Over the course of 2016 we have managed to raise an amazing £626 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

We hope that they use the money well and make the dreams come true of the children that are battling life threatening illnesses.

Stryker Training
December the 8th, 2016

On top of the 8 already qualified Stryker stretcher repairers we have, we have had the other 4 of our engineers trained by them as well, and can now confidently say that all of our engineers are fully qualified to service and repair Stryker stretchers.

Christmas Party
December the 3rd, 2016

We are all extrememly thankful for the amazing night out at our Christmas party at Best Parties Ever in Cardiff that was put together by Simon for the whole of the team at Dragon Fleetcare.

New Service Vans
November the 24th, 2016

In the run up to Christmas being one of busiest times of the year we have added another two service vans to the fleet.

Macmillan Fundraiser
September the 30th, 2016

To support Macmillan's day we had an in house fundraiser where we managed to raise £120 for the charity to help with the prevention of cancer.

We hope that many more of you also helped around the country by supporting your local coffee mornings!

Jordan Cripps
September the 12th, 2016

We have taken on another engineer, Jordan Cripps, to assist with our operations throughout the UK to keep our customers on the road.

If you meet him, please give him a warm welcome!

Treka Bus Skydive
June the 10th, 2016

We are happy to of sponsored Treka Bus for £250 towards doing a fundraising skydive on behalf of the Hollybank Trust.

If you wish to be to donate towards their cause then you can do so here,

Eberspächer Offers
February the 1st, 2016

Eberspächer have deals going from February to the end of March 2016 on selected products, so if you are interested in getting a new heating or air-conditioning system fitted to your vehicle, then there is no better time than now to enquire about a quote.

January the 15th, 2016

This year we will be sponsoring the Make-A-Wish Foundation in the UK.

Make-A-Wish works to give children battling life threatening illnesses a chance to have their dreams come true to make their lives better.

January the 15th, 2016

During 2015 we were raising money for LATCH children's cancer charity, and are happy to announce that we managed to raise a total of £700!

We hope that they find good use of this money and continue to do such amazing work to support the children and their families!

New Service Van
January the 14th, 2016

To extending our coverage further, we have introduced another service van into our fleet. Now with all decals fitted!

Charities we are proud to of supported over the years

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